Fotor Photo Editor App Reviews

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Sehr gut mit Fehlern

App is really useful but hangs at the choose folder option if you try to save an edited file. Solve this error and this would be a great app! (Das sind Ostasiatische Entwickler - ich denke nicht das die Deutsch verstehen…)

Pictures wont save.

Ever since the program updated, I have been unable to save my photos. I’ve tried different sized files thinking that size might be a factor but its not. nothing will save.

Good app for $0

This app is perfect for the person who does basic photo editing. It does try to pressure you to buy the premium version. Overall good app.

*** Latest FOTOR bug ***

Latest version of Fotor does not save edited pictures to computer.

Won’t save — just crashes!

Ever since the last update, it’s impossible to save any work… instead, the app just CRASHES. I used to like Fotor, but now you’ve made it impossible to like or even to use.

Не работает (doesn’t work)

После запуска не появляется окна приложения - меню почти пустое - ничего не сделать. Раньше работало… Открыть файл в Fotor по правой кнопке на файле с фотографией тоже нельзя: Fotor - серый - нельзя выбрать. Fotor starts but his application window is not shown - application menu is almost empty - nothing to do. Unable to open a file with photo using right-click: Fotor is grey - can’t be selected.

freeze on save

every time I try to export a jpeg, Fotor freezes at the press of button Browse near the path input box


If you want to use an app with ease of use this is NOT for you. This app is FILLED WITH BUGS. I am constantly having to close the entire app and LOSE ALL MY WORK to start over because a bug or error will arise making it IMPOSSIBLE to move forward with the project without restarting EVERYTHING. Your app is a JOKE.

Wasted my time...

Bought the app quite a while ago, never really used it. Two days ago, I decided to use it to pare down a lot of photos into collages to print. The first day all was fine. The second day after a couple of hours, every time I started to upload photos to it, the app would quit. I would click on the photos I wanted to upload and when I clicked ‘open’ and they started uploading to the app, the app would quit. Really really frustrating. I have part of my project done and can’t go any farther because of the app quitting repeatedly!

For batch conversion - WOW

I needed to take a folder and resize and rescale. Really impressed. I haven’t tried effects, scenes or borders yet.


It’s better than the app I just purchased and IT’S FREE! this did exactly what I needed for my new book and I would highly recommend this app to anyone wanting to change from the everyday blah of reg fotos

Good App

It’s the easiest photo restoration program I’ve used. However, when I save the initial picture,, I have to search for the file to save it. It would be much easier to go directly to the last file used.

Solid Photo App

This is still a great app, but it’s missing a few things I use regularly. Although there is rotational capacity, there is no ability to flip or mirror an image. Sometimes I’ll get a photo that has been mirrored or it’s backwards and I want the ability to correct it. This bit is as of yet missing from Fotor. The rest of the app is truely great and very useful. I color correct, crop and red-eye correct lots of my new and old photos with it. Honestly, this is my quick-fix go-to app for fixing photos.

i loved it!


PNG Problems

It worked fine for awhile, but not with PNG Transparent backgrounds that I upload - look like jpg’s when I export. I make sure I check PNG in the settings, too. Otherwise, I would of gave it five stars.

Perfect Application for Sharing Photos via email

Quick and easy way to send out photos via email ….. Just drop pictures into frame and save and drop into your email and off it goes ….. Been using for years, highly recommend!

Quick menu board

This app was very easy to use and very user friendly. I had to edit my pictures for my menu board it did the bulk of the heavy lifting. Great app with great features. Thanks guys.


This app works incredibly well, especially the autocorrection. I use it in conjunction with DigiKam (metadata edit and Restoration tool), and the combo is just perfect. Saves me loads of time. I would love to give it 5 stars, but since it doesn’t write/edit metadata to the file like most professional editors, 4 stars seems fair. I would give it 4.5 if I could though.

Text - and support - is a Ludicrous Joke

All I want to do is put a line of text on a pic. Text always comes in vertical and extending way off the screen - so big there’s no way to resize it. They have a form on their site to message support - but the captcha always fails. They should pay me for wasting my time.


All that it did was to make my photos smalller.

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